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Because "sexy" isn't spelled "v-s-m-o-d-e-l"

Because "sexy" isn't spelled "v-s-m-o-d-e-l"
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Hello my Coconut Babes!

Since the dawn of time, the female form has been the ultimate expression of beauty and strength. We women are revered for our soft curves, graceful limbs, and (on a more brash note) being badass from birth. Our bodies have the capability to carry another life form INSIDE OF OURSELVES. Coconuts, right? Not to mention, that we bleed on a monthly basis for decades all while still living our lives. The Female Body=BAMF.

Regardless of women’s inherent badassery, there’s a specific time of year that puts women’s bodies center stage, quite literally (besides fashion week). While the time is brief, the event does make an impact on women and skew the vision of what is “to be expected” and what is “sexy.” I’m talking about none other than, the infamous Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

I’m sure most of you have already been bombarded with photos of bronze skin, legs that go on for miles, and hair that even a Disney princess would be envious of. Each ab is defined, there isn’t a “bat-wing” arm in sight, and cellulite? Well, that’s spray tanned to marble-like smoothness. And to add insult to injury, some of these women are fresh off the postpartum train. These women are portrayed as the “ideal” woman and it takes a “Buddha” level ounce of concentration to try and not compare yourself with Kendall, Gigi, Alessandra, etc. I won’t lie, I’ve hated these women in the past. I hated them because ever since I can remember, it is this level of perfection that I simply can’t measure up to. I stopped growing long ago and I’m a happy 5’2. I have cellulite, stretch marks, scars, freckles; basically, not the makings of a model. Are there days where I wish I was like them? Absolutely. Do I measure my beauty to them, Instagram models, a pretty woman on the street? Again, sometimes. BUT there is something to remember about these women: THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY.

Many factors need to be accounted for when looking at models such as:

  1. It is their job to be in the shape that they are in. They are literally making a living off their bodies and if you ask me, that’s an insane amount of pressure. I feel like to a degree you would have to treat them like a glass doll because a bump, scratch, bruise (you get the idea) could ruin their career.
  2. Genetics play a part, however, no one is immune to a poor diet and not exercising (it would catch up with them too if they did absolutely nothing).
  3. They put chicken cutlets in to boost the ladies.
  4. Hair Extensions.
  5. They have someone kicking their ass into shape.
  6. Spray tans.

When I think about these factors, it doesn’t seem as glamorous and mesmerizing. Yes, they are beautiful and yes, it’s hard not to think “why not me?” Here at Coco Cabana, we stand by every body is a beach body, but we also cheer on ladies who decide to get their bodies into shape (in a way that is healthy) and makes themselves feel sexy. The only person that needs to feel beautiful in your skin is YOU.  And YOU are the only reason that you should want to change your body in any way.

In closing, don’t cut down the models because ladies hating ladies is never cool. Remember the factors above and more than anything, you have the power to be any way you want. You want a hot body? Work for it. You don’t want to be pale? Get a spray tan. You want to shake your behind in a ratty pair of sweats and still feel gorgeous? Go for it. Never forget that “sexy” is spelt Y-O-U.


Love and coconuts,


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