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Because Every Body is a Beach Body

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Over the decades, the swimsuit industry has curated an image that you must have: a six pack, a butt that you could bounce a quarter off, a tan that would make a Greek god envious, and not an ounce of cottage cheese on your thighs. Basically, it was only acceptable to wear a swimsuit if you were comparable to that of a Victoria Secret model or Sports Illustrated. The latter publication made waves this past season in their Miami show with an all inclusive range of models that touched based on motherhood, disabilities and shapes/sizes from 0-12.

The show truly embodied that every body can wear a suit and celebrate their shape. I found it refreshing that a publication that is known for catering to a certain “type” of woman would broaden their idea of beauty to show that beauty is in everyone. Model Mara Martin walked down the runway WHILE breastfeeding her son. The moment was nothing short of awe-inducing while serving as a maternal battlecry for mommies everywhere that feel shamed for their body, much less the demands that are made on their body to feed their child.

Shortly after Mara made her debut, paralymic gold medal snowboarder, Brenna Huckaby owned the catwalk as being the first model in the magazine’s history to be featured with a disability. The homecoming that Huckaby received was nothing short of amazing as she shed light on the disabled community which I feel is largely forgotten in the swimsuit industry.

Women of every color and size graced the runway while embracing the physical hallmarks of being a woman (that society likes to airbrush over), there were stretch marks, cellulite, not perfectly toned tummies, but healthy bodies. The image of the modern woman is changing and swimsuit industry is taking note of this revolution. Society wants the REAL women. This isn’t to say that women who are toned and fit are rejected, absolutely not, but any woman can confidently wear a suit and not be put in a patriarchal mold and ideal of beauty that is far outdated.

Ladies, you do you and wear what makes you happy. Because every body is a beach body and Coco Cabana loves a beach body.

*Note - our resident head Coconut was at the show and provided color for this piece to be written. She would like it to be known that Sports Illustrated DID NOT see AGE inclusivity because swimsuits aren’t ageist. :)

Love and coconuts from our guest blogger,


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