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Bowie Bandana in Shark Bait

Bowie Bandana in Shark Bait
Bowie Bandana in Shark Bait

Designer: Boys+Arrows


You never know when you’re going to need Bowie. She’s your standby bandana sensei. All knowing. All purposeful. Full of possibilities. Maybe it’s the ultra soft material. Or could it be the unique patterns? Either way, there’s just something about Bowie that makes us want to rob the ice cream man with a water gun. Alright...maybe not. But there will definitely be stories to tell with this crazy kid! When you get Bowie home there’s no telling what you’ll schemes you’ll come up with! And as always: Oh, do tell.

  • Kerchief, hankie, fly away wrangler, do-it-all type of bandana
  • The same ultra soft material as our cover-ups
  • Square bandana can be folded and worn as many as you please
  • Shark Bait pattern and placement may vary from image
  • Puppy dog approved
  • All Boys+Arrows designed in California

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